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March 6, 2008
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Gargoyle Princesses by Nebulan Gargoyle Princesses by Nebulan
:pointr: [link] (Finalized version in comic format) :pointl:

Click *Download* at the left for full size, not slow-connection friendly.

Follow up pictures (read below for details on added characters):
Princes: [link]
Closeup on Enchanted gargs: [link]
Reunion scenes:
Milo and Kida
Mulan and Shang
Robert and Giselle
Nancy and Edward
Hercules and Megara
[link] (Eric and Ariel)
[link] (Derek and Odette)

Others (so far they're all pixar):
[link] (Mike and Celia)
[link] (Rex and Trixie) :new:
[link] (Buzz and Jessie) :new:

for the contest at :icondisney-what-if-club:

(for those of you who aren't familiar with Gargoyles, if you don't recognize the character as being from a Disney movie, that's because they're from Gargoyles.

Puck isn't allowed to do magic unless he's teaching Alexander Xanatos. Today he decided he's going to teach Alex to pick up chicks. So he conjures up all the Disney princesses from their varying realities and turns them into gargoyles for his own pleasure (and maybe he has a particular liking for Gargoyles ;P ). Of course he happened to Conjure women who are all married. This and many other reasons has Alex's mother and her mother (Titania) very angry... hehe

The other characters are Angela (very similar to a princess in manner, very sweet, somewhat naive and senstive) and Broadway (He's so sweet to Angela ^^)

The topic is crossover of different Disneys... which I'd never done before, I'd always crossed over Disney in general with non-Disney stuff!

Magic School Bus
Firefly/Disney's Atlantis

just to name a few

So then I realized... I crossover Gargoyles all the time... and Gargoyles is Disney!! So here we go. And I thought I'd do the princesses... because there's like this whole debate around them... why are only Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White and Jasmine who get all the attention?? Kida is a bonified princess, why doesn't she get any love? Because she's a warrior and not very lady-like?? There are others too. And occasionally you see others included, like Pocahontas... who maybe you can count as a princess, she's a cheiftans daughter, but it's possible that's about the same as being the daughter of a mayor? And then there's Megara, she's as much a princess as the other girls who didn't start out as princesses but married princes (Cinderella and Belle to start, Hercules is the son of the King of the Gods... well, at least in Disney he's the ONLY son). And then I've even seen Mulan counted in Disney promotions and stuff as a princess... now, no matter how you think of it, she's not royal and just marries the son of a general. buuuuutt... if the idea is that every girl a princess, well, then ok, but still, lots of Disney characters don't get the love they deserve, lol!

Soo.... I was kinda poking fun at that whole argument. I drew the main Disney princesses plus a few of my favorites :) (that's why your favorite might not be here, I just particularly like Kida, Mulan, Pocahontas and Meg!)

So I wanted one of them to be all snotty, so I asked my sister and went with Snow White because she had the least personality... it's not her fault she was animated in a time of chauvinist men and submissive house wives, lol!

So Mulan is green because that was her color among the boys (Yao was red, Ling was yellow and Po was blue), and she's wearing the outfit from the end of the movie. She's ok with being a gargoyle because that'll just make her a better warrior. I like to draw chinese gargoyles with feathered wings... makes them seem more.. dragony somehow.

Kida... it just soaking up being a gargoyle :D Her horns are like her Queen crown thing, because she is technically a Queen here since I wanted this to be after the movies when they're all married. But her princess outfit seemed like a better gargoyle outfit, hehe. I think blue was an obvious color for her?

Pocahontas just can't wait to try out the wings. I made her with more bat-like wings like the "gargoyles" in the episode "Heritage" so sometimes I like to draw Native American gargoyles in that style. She's green because my sister suggested a very natural color, and blue or brown would have conflicted with her outfit :O_o: It's kinda a stretch calling her a princess... but I adore her so I wanted to include her.

Belle married a beast, she's ok with being one. She's only royalty by marriage. She's blue because that's what color her first outfit was :shrug:

Aurora's horns are like her crown, my sister *RogueDragon's suggestion :) I think her colors are obvious ;)

I seem to remember in the TV show Jasmine would wear purple a lot... and purple goes well with teal :) the line "I'm married" is from the Hercules/Aladdin crossover episode where Phil is hitting on Jasmine, lol!

(Puck is the floating one)
poor Alex is really embarrassed. The ladies behind him are his mom, Fox, and his grandmother, Titania.

My sister suggested "marble" for Megara's color :D I love drawing her, lol!

I think Ariel is my absolute favorite Princess!Gargoyle, I was pretty happy with how she came out :)

Poor Snow White, she gets abuse from me, lol!

And poor Cinderella, I forgot about her so by the time I drew her, I ran out of things to say, so he's just shocked like the rest of them.

Sorry that my perspective is kinda odd... I realized only now that Kida and Pocahontas shouldn't have been on the same level

update May 24th:
Added Nancy and Giselle from Enchanted :D cuz I watched that this last week. I wrote more explanations here: [link] and yeah, the other girls I gargoyleatized their dresses too, but not on Nancy and Giselle, because I love their outfits and wanted to keep them as is.

updated Aug 4th:
Added Jane and Marian. Jane because :iconmuse2005: requested her (as well as others, but Jane fits the adult and married profile that fits this drawing) and Maid Marian because, well, she'd be English, lol!
(for those of you not familiar with Gargoyles, English gargoyles are animal-based with feathered wings. None of the others you actually confirm are English (Cinderella and Aurora could be from somewhere else) and so is Jane. I kept Jane with the human face but did go with feathered wings. but I wanted her to look somewhat tropical :)

so... Jane married the king of the jungle ;) and Maid Marian is related to royalty? yeah, I know, I'm stretching it.

Update April 18, 2009: I decided to add some of the princesses I'd forgotten before. oh, and by the way, I did do a milo/kida as gargoyles reunion picture (after the boys kidnap their wives) [link] I am willing to take suggestions for other reunion prince/princess-gargs pictures, but I'd like advice on to what to have them doing. I have a couple of ideas but I'm willing to take requests, just give me time cuz it might be forever before I get to them. I have a tendency to forget former projects I was working on. adding new stuff in a little bit...

Update May, almost a month later, sorry it's taken me this long. I went ahead and added the new girls. I'm going to be adding a prince and princess combined collage soon, so that's why I went ahead and made the crummy looking second row and pulled the new girls down there. Mainly because this picture was getting insanely wide... don't worry, the one to come will be insanely large. The new girls have Jane and Marian mixed in cuz it was easy to move them. Actually I could also easily move the enchanted girls, but I'm too lazy.
Nala: Wife of King Simba. I drew her, but my sister doodled the outfit details and and colored her, except I darkened her outfit cuz it was too close to her skin color... so that's why it looks so hideous, my fault, not hers. I didn't include Nala before because I have drawn Nala as a gargoyle before: [link] but this time she's back to looking like the cartoon version instead of the broadway one. But her outfit is still based on the broadway outfit.
Faline: Married Bambi, the great prince of the forest. My sister ( *RogueDragon ) drew her. I love the outfit my sister drew for her, very modern, which works cuz Bambi could take place in a modern setting for all I know.
Atta: Another forgotten Disney Princess! And Pixar's only princess! I decided to make her and Flik an unusual breed of Gargoyles, short, naturally bald (which works since two of the main characters in Gargoyles are also naturally bald) and also with short tails and translucent wings. Her outfit is supposed to be metal Armor which we see a lot in the Gargoyles TV show.
Eilonwy: Black Cauldron's forgotten Disney Princess. My sister and I sat down and watched it recently on YouTube. It was... interesting. But I loved her. She was very determined and not very damsel-in-distress. I grew her up to make her fit the adult/married profile of this picture, since apparently the two do grow up to marry each other in the books...
Tiana: I'm sooooo excited about this movie, it looks to fun and cute! I was originally going to write something sarcastic like "I'm just here for the diversity" since it partly feels like Disney is trying to make up for the last several decades or so with her... but I think they're going to do a good job! Yes... a lot of people are going to be unhappy with it no matter WHAT but Disney is very over due for a black princess, and from what I've seen of the trailers, I think it's going to be GREAT! So we'll have to wait and see I think :) I was going to make her a lighter blue like her one dress but I decided to make her a bit darker because it is part of her charm. But not too dark to make her stand out or anything, because she is one of the girls... and now she's a gargoyle and they ALL have different colors :) Few, that was a mouth full. I want to draw her as a garg again but not looking all sweet and innocent, but kinda sassy, that'd be fun.
Anastasia: Throwing in random non-disney characters are always fun. My sis and I watched the movie yesterday in fact, wow, the animation in that movie is so cool, especially on Dimitri! I love how Anastasia has an attitude that is unlike the stereotypical princess :D
Odette: Does she SERIOUSLY turn into a swan in BOTH the sequels? Yeah... unless Lex De Azevedo did the music for the sequels, I have no plans to see them, lol! but if he did, I might be tempted :P I've actually drawn Odette as a gargoyle before: [link] She's pretty much the same except a little more true to the cartoon and redid her outfit some.
Ahh, forgot to slip in Princess Katherine! :iconhidden-traveler: wanted her to be included since she really is a princess from the gargoyle universe, and while human, she did raise some gargoyles, namely Angela who you see in the top frame. My sister figured this would probably happen if Katherine was there. So my sister RogueDragon drew the additional mini comic with Katherine :)

Update Nov 2009:
The following have been suggested:
Sally (and Jack), Alice, Minie (and Mickey), Alice, Wendy, Nani (And David) and Lilo, Tiger Lily (Peter?), Ting-Ting (Ling), Su (Yao) and Mei (Po), Babette (Lumier), Audrey Ramirez, Melody, and I'm sure Esmerelda somewhere...

If I ever do these, it will be when I get around to it. Don't hold your breath. I have one drawing I've been working on for more than 2 years now, and if I'm not motivated (like by a contest deadline which was what got me to do the Villians as gargoyles: [link] ) there's an even higher chance I won't get them done, so you're better off giving it your own shot (not that you need my permission!)
Other Disney Girls that have been done by other:
[link] (Alice)
[link] (Giselle)
[link] (Ariel)
[link] (Jasmine)
[link] (Aurora)
[link] (Snow White)
[link] (Jessica Rabbit)
[link] (Esmeralda)
[link] (Sally)
[link] (Sally)
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lonelynightrain Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I will love this piece no matter what!  It's too good to be true!
gogeta17 Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
:iconexdeathplz::iconsaysplz:you are in The VOIIIIIIIID!!!! and you cannot escape until you kill me! and then i become a creepy looking thing and then sephiroth comes and kills us all!

:icongogeta17::iconsays: uhhhhhhh...
Sylveon La 
Wisprsinthedrk Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like how Meg seems completely bored by the transformation.
this is great so i added it ti my favorites..
HoodedTomsi Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was well thought out! It's simply perfect that you managed to turn Disney princesses into something as wonderful as gargoyles. It's well done, and beautiful! :D
Awww, don't be sad, Snow White. I still think you look beautiful even as a gargoyle. :)
Who are the two gargoyles at the bottom left. The purple one looks like Clopin(Hunchback of Notre Dame).
hkrulisky May 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love Gargoyles! what an original idea!
Wow, you actually included Kida, and a few other forgotten princesses. Bravo! :iconbwavoplz:
awsome i lov ed gargoyles and the disney princess movies as a kid. =] they really turned out well.
I want you to watch The Twilight Zone episode "The Eye of the Beholder". [link] [link]
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