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Haven't done a journal showing off some of the cool stuff I've found on deviantart in a long time.  and since it's been over a year since I had a subscription, not thumbnails :shrug:

So please clicky to see some cool stuff I've found on deviantart in the last year!


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New West Virginian Flag Please by Nebulan
New West Virginian Flag Please
I made several concepts for a new West Virginian flag a LONG time ago, I don't remember, maybe 2 years?

Why do I hate most state flags? I rant about it here: New Flag for Hawai'i Maybe and probably several other comic descriptions here:… eventually I'll write up a nice document detailing why I think they should redesign the flag and offer my suggestions to my state representatives.
The colors mean stuff like black for coal, (concept from… ) what WV is built on (lol almost literally) white for purity (I guess there's some un-touched forests) blue for the union (I love that West Virginia's creation was out of a loop-hole) and the red and gold means something too but I don't remember... green for nature? something. So when I left in the borders or fields, that was the reason.  The white field with blue border was for the West Virginians that are afraid of change. Suggested symbols: Rolling hills, the wild rhododendron, the cardinal, The New River Gorge bridge (what we got on our quarter). WV government keeps trying to push the "we're modern, we swear" and so they try to have slogans like "Ready for Business" and so they may not like my nature themed designs but you know what? that's what I think is the best thing about WV? granted, it doesn't create very many jobs which makes it hard for us young adults to find jobs and STAY in WV but what can you do?  Which is why I'm for including the bridge on the flag, to represent industry, moderism. The curve of the rhody branch actually matches the south border of WV. I had other concepts that had the whole state more visible but I didn't like them.  They were too complicated.  the middle two on the left qualify for my rule for flags: must be reproducible by nine-year-olds cub scouts.

Granted, dear State of West Virginia, if you use any of my concepts, please use a cardinal or new river gorge picture who you got the rights to use, because I don't remember where I got the pictures I traced my versions with. The cardinal might have been under stock photography here on deviantart but the bridge may not have been. Obviously get a professional artist. I'll volunteer but it would be amateur.

Other flag sites:…

So what do you think? What colors should a WV flag have and what would they represent? What symbols should it include? Being from Northern WV I don't care that much about coal so have a black border is all I need, but do you think it needs more?
New Flag for Hawai'i Maybe by Nebulan
New Flag for Hawai'i Maybe
In doing my Appalachia and the States comics, I've made no secret of my hate for move United State Flags. Seriously, the Maryland flag is awesome (and fun to try to make into a shirt)… other awesome flags: Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado... why are they so awesome: cuz they're unique!

I also hate the fact that when I was a cub scout leader, I don't think my 9-year-old boy scouts knew what the West Virginian flag looked like. We do have the advantage of being the only state with a white "field" and blue border, but that's about it, we still have a complex seal that no one can re-create from memory.

But why do I hate the Hawaiian flag? look at it! does it say "oh yeah, that's Hawaii!" to you??… No, it says "I can't decide if I'm going to end up joining the united states or the UK" tho I can KINDA make it into a Hawaiian shirt:…

My suggestion is simply to take symbols that represent Hawaii, your state, who you are, as you are, out there in the middle of the Pacific, an archipelago of pride... not a landing point for a war! The colors are because according to Wikipedia the islands each have a color, but really I just like the idea of the flag having several colors because that's how I identify Hawaii. Having never been there but wishing to visit some day :\  According to flag snobs they shouldn't have too many colors. my opinion is that any flag should be reproducible with the standard set of elementary school crayons AND should be at least recognizably reproducible by those elementary school students!  can a Seal-On-Blue do that? NO! Granted the kids might have trouble with Maryland's flag, but Texas? Arizona? no way!

So dear Hawaii state legislature: please consider changing your flag. You're welcome to my concept, you don't have to stick with the island arrangement, or the symbols, but you are lucky that you're the only state I would approve of having a blue "field".

Several of the symbols are state: whatevers. State flower: yellow hibiscus, state fish, the hunumunuukapap---... *sigh* they're here:…
State Ponies - Siblings by Nebulan
State Ponies - Siblings
Going through files still, at some point after this one:… I did make some ponies for the states that I do have an idea what the sibling looks like.

Sister Alaska is a bear. Don't mess with her.
Sister California IS Sister America…
Sister Connecticut is a blood-blue like her brother and her design is entirely based on :iconlamecho:'s design:…
Sister DC like her brother works for the government, but she works at the Pentagon.  Maybe one day I'll draw her humanoid.
Sister Florida is also old, she also looks more Cuban than her brother.
Sister Hawaii is a hula dancer, of course.
Sister Kentucky is a Jockey and based one someone's but I can't find it now!! T_T It was in Humon style, had both the brother and the sister, the brothre was driving a train I think,
Sister Massachusetts is a college student like her brother. And is also based on :iconlamecho:'s design…
The Dakota twins are separate people unlike their schizophrenic brother. North Dakota is a computer programmer and South Dakota takes more interest in her native heritage.
Sister Nevada is a dancer
Sister New York is a broadway singer
Brother Ohio is entirely based on Brian Unger from… (which I loved watching and some of the states I knew less about I was able to come up with something from their episode)
Brother Pennsylvania looks like Ben Franklin because they're obsessed with him there.  He was in a couple comics:……
Sister Utah is permenantly pregnant.… I think her Husband is Hawaii and the different islands their kids but I haven't worked all that out yet.
And Finally Brother West Virginia has been in a couple comics too:……

Appalachia and the States is my fan comic of humon's scandinavia and the world with is (c) to her.

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